What we do…

Business First is a successful and established not-for-profit networking group in Lichfield, Staffordshire that offers local businesses the chance to network over breakfast in a professional and structured, yet fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Business First has become one of the most successful independent networking groups in the area, with around 35 members who pass around £1,500,000 of invoiced business between each other each year. Members meet at Darnford Moors Golf Club in Lichfield every Thursday morning, from 7am–9am, to promote products and services, liaise with fellow entrepreneurs, make new contacts, build an extended sales team, develop powerful relationships and gain referrals into new customers and clients.

The group only allows one business per profession, in order to maximise the opportunities and benefits of membership – so if you’d like to come along for a visit, check our Members Page today to see if we have a space available for your business sector.

We look forward to meeting you!

“I have been a member of business first for over 5 years. The atmosphere is brilliant, friendly and most of all fun! Members help each other and the members have constantly added to my business (plenty of comedy material!!!) Joking aside, it is a brilliant start to my day.” Sheila McMohan, Mental Wellbeing

“I have been a member now for 5 years, the value to me is the people in the room that become a go to point for all things ing business life. Help, support and advice in abundance and freely given with the best of intentions. People become more than business contacts but friends you can trust and rely on.” Paul Deaville, Associated Technology Solutions