Why Choose Business First?

There are lots of different business networking groups around, but here’s why we think Business First is special:

We’re a not-for-profit group, so all membership fees are invested back to benefit the group as a whole.
We’re affordable. We’ve kept our membership fees low to give small and start-up businesses a chance to be involved.  As we’re run as a not for profit group, there’s also no VAT on top of any of our fees.
Your first meeting is FREE!  As long as your professional category isn’t already represented, you can attend a Business 1st meeting, and your first meeting is on us, so completely free of charge to you.
You have 3 visits before we ask you to decide.  You won’t decide if you like our group until you’ve visited a few times. So, come first of all for free, then if you’d like to come again, we just ask you to pay £10 to cover your meeting fee. On the 3rd meeting when your 3 visits are completed, we ask you to decide if you’d like to join the group.
We serious about business but still have fun!  We don’t believe in putting unnecessary pressure on our members, so we do serious business, but in a fun way. That way, we still get great results, but we all enjoy the journey!
We have LOTS of members  With over 40 business members, there are plenty of plenty of other businesses in the room who can help you and recommend your products or services to their contacts.
We all help each other. Membership is about more than just referrals. It’s also about helping fellow local businesses, sharing advice, and making some great connections.