About Us

Business First is a networking group that was formed in 2004 by just nine like-minded business people. Since then, it’s grown from strength to strength and has become one of the most thriving business groups in the area – possibly because we believe in doing things a little bit differently, for example:

We’re a not-for-profit group, so all membership fees are invested back to benefit the group as a whole.
We have a rolling leadership team, so all members have the chance to get involved and have a say in the way the group is run.
We promise no pressure, no hard sell, and no expensive membership fees – just an opportunity to grow your business through cost-effective networking.
We have well-attended meetings. With over 30 business members, there are plenty of people every week who you can talk to about your products and services, and who will want to get to know and trust you so that they can recommend your products or services to their contacts. You’ll also benefit by being able to recommend trustworthy, knowledgeable and reliable businesses to your own customers, family or friends.
We’re about more than just networking. Whilst Business First helps its members grow their businesses, it offers much, much more than just business referrals. Running your own business can have its ups and downs and it can sometimes feel lonely at the top. Members benefit from sharing advice and having a welcome sounding board for any business ideas, issues or challenges. There’s always someone who can help, or someone who knows someone who can help – that’s the beauty of networking!