Soaz Nedelec – Soas & Co – #BodyFixer

Name: Soaz Nedelec

Business Name: Soas & Co


Bowen Therapist

OldPain2Go Practitioner

Town/City of business: Sutton Coldfield

Telephone: 07811 678 666 / 0121 240 8178





  •  At Soas and Co, we understand that pain or physical ailments are merely symptoms expressing the body’s difficulty to function as it should
  • Whether you suffer from injuries, pain following past injuries, joint mobility issues, digestive / hormonal issues and any other physical problems, we can help you regain improved or optimum health and so give you back the freedom to live the life that you want
  •  The OldPain2Go Method has proven to be highly effective to significantly improve or eradicate symptoms of Fibromyalgia, ME, CFS or many other debilitating physical symptoms that have been preventing people from living a (full) life
  • The Bowen Technique, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of the meridians and understanding of how everything connects and functions as a whole in the body, is steadily gaining ground in the world of holistic therapies as an essential tool to recover from many physical problems / traumas and alleviate or eradicate debilitating pain. It can be used on new-borns and frail adults alike

Products & Services Offered:

  • Bowen Technique
  • OldPain2Go

Ideal Clients:

  • Anyone wishing their physical pain or physical dysfunction (mobility, pain, ache, digestive / hormonal / respiratory issues etc.) to be significantly reduced or altogether go away, so as to resume their (normal) life


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